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Finding the right pet for you

Pets are wonderful additions to any family. Humans have long held a strong connection with dogs and cats. They make us feel good, give us purpose, provide unconditional love and companionship. If you are considering getting a pet for the first time, congratulations! You are headed for years of joy with your new addition.

Pet ownership is a responsibility, though, so before you make that commitment, take a good inventory of your life. Make sure you are up to the task and prepare your house, family and life for your pet.

Understanding the obligation

When you own a pet, you are responsible for a life. It is similar, but also very different, of course, from the responsibilities of parenting. An animal’s happiness and health are solely in your hands. As a pet owner, you will have to feed and shelter your dog or cat, but that’s not all. In addition to food, you will have unexpected expenses such as veterinarian bills, grooming costs and obedience training.

If you plan to vacation without your pets, like most people, then you’ll need to make arrangements or pay for boarding. Although airlines and hotels have become more accommodating of certain pets, many trips are impossible with a canine or feline companion. If you are adopting your pet, you will likely be made aware of the many responsibilities of ownership at the time of adoption, as shelters and humane societies have a vested interest in making sure that their populations are low. They would prefer than you not adopt if it means you would consider returning the animal if the responsibility became overwhelming.

Determining the right breed for you

When adopting pets from a shelter, your choices are usually limited. Kittens are all essentially the same as far as requirements – although specialty cat breeds have difference grooming and care requirements. Dogs vary more in both size and temperament. If you have a small apartment, make sure you have access to a big field, dog park or jogging area before adopting a large, athletic dog breed such as a Labrador Retriever or Weimaraner that need a lot of exercise. Smaller dogs have less exercise requirements, but have different limitations and concerns.

Preparing your home

Once you know the breed or type of pet you are going to adopt, it’s time to make sure your home is safe and secure. Many household chemicals and some plants are extremely dangerous to pets. Cats often like to swat at plants, so if you have any that are potentially poisonous, make sure to remove them before you set your kittens free in your home.

Both dogs and cats need their own spaces in a home.  A dog bed or crate in a quiet space is preferable for Fido, and cats need a clean and quiet area for their litter box. You’ll want it to be out of the way, but not so much so as to be a chore to clean.

Bonding with your pet

Once your home is made safe and your new pet has its own area, you can focus on bonding. By fostering a close relationship with your pet, you can ensure that their behavior is well-regulated. Both cats and dogs can act destructive if they are not content. Dogs can benefit from obedience training, which can also act as a form of bonding.

Bonding is a two-way street with your new pets. Companion animals provide many benefits to humans, including improving mental and emotional health. Pets also can play a role in supporting those in addiction recovery. Addiction survivors develop healthy routines and focus on caring for another living creature.

As a first-time pet owner, you may feel overwhelmed by responsibility. If you just remember to spend time with your pet and embrace the responsibility as an opportunity to enrich your life and the lives of your pets.

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Jessica Brody


When do you start your Christmas shopping?

It’s that time again where we start to think about Christmas shopping…..4thedogs.com has lots of good ideas for animal lovers and their pets.

As I make my list of who I need to buy for, I like to look through catalogs, the Sunday paper and peruse web stores….why not take a look at our pet web store to get unique ideas for the pet lover in your life….practical gifts like a new leash or collar….Fabuleash matching bling leashes and fashion collars are a unique gift that lots of people won’t buy for themselves but cherish as a special gift.

How about our best selling Lion Mane….turn your tiny cat or Yorkie into a roaring lion…or shock people in the park as you walk your golden that looks like a real lion….plus it will help keep them warm during the harsh winter months!

If you have a pet issue and are looking for something to solve a problem, please let us know…we go to the shows and keep up with the latest and greatest new pet products.  Mention you read this blog in your order notes and we will take 10% off your order received by December, 19, 2015!

Happy shopping!

Favorite Find from Global Pet Expo!

It’s been a little over a month since I attended the Global Pet Expo in Orlando and I’m just now finishing up the long process of going through about 200 pounds of literature!

I promised to tell you all about the cool things I discovered at the show and today I’m sharing with you about my absolute favorite product from the show.  There are many that I love but first is first.  It is the CritterZone Air Naturalizer.


I took one home the first night and it did exactly what they said it would do!  Actually, it worked even better than expected.  What does it do you ask?  It cleans the air and eliminates odor.  Having a family of four Yorkies qualifies me to be a tough customer when it comes to cleaning the air.  I know Yorkies are small and don’t shed and really don’t stink very often, however, they do have accidents at times. 

There were all kinds of products at the show to remove odor.  This was the best!  At the show I met a pleasant woman who demonstrated it for me.   She took a cloth and squirted some very heavy ammonia on it and let me smell it…I got a little too close (or enthusiastic) and it just about knocked me over!  Then she took the small hand size machine and held it up to the cloth.  Within about 30 seconds she had me smell the cloth again and….NOTHING!  Not a trace of ammonia!  Needless to say I took one home that night.

Upon returning from a 10 hour day, 2 of the dogs were locked up comfortably in our bathroom.  After a whole day in there it smelled like….well just like “DOG”.  No accidents or anything, just that stuffy doggie smell.  I ran to my bags of goodies and picked out my CritterZone, plugged it in and told my hubby, “We’ll see if this really works!”  About an hour and a half later I went to check it out…No doggie odor!  The room gave off a very clean fresh smell.  The air felt so oxygen rich, fresh and clean!  I was surprised on how well this tiny little box worked.  They say it only takes 2 or 3 to totally clean the air in a 1800 sq foot house.

 Here’s is why I like CritterZone Air Naturalizer so much.

    It really works well!

    It works fast!

    It actually cleans the air instead of putting chemical sprays in the air.

    It doesn’t need a filter to change!

    It comes with a cord or direct plug in the wall…no batteries!

    It also has a car adapter available for stinky cars!

    It removes pollutants from air such as bacteria, mold, Salmonella, Listeria +!

    It offers virtual germ control for your air, surfaces and fabrics!

    Compared to electronic Hepa and Air filters, it is cheaper and much quieter!

    It takes up space the size of your coffee mug!

    It uses a process called Bi-Polar Ionization & Plasma Conversion to clean air.

    It actually PREVENTS germ & mold growth!

    Prevents airborne Illness!

    Cleaning is very easy and not very often!

    Breathing clean air can extend live expectancy!

    You don’t need a pet to use one! 

I could go on and on about the CritterZone but you really just need to try it yourself.  They have a 30 day money back guarantee. 

Who needs a CritterZone Air Naturalizer?  Anyone who:

    Has a litter box!

    Has pets!

    Has allergies!

    Wants a fresh smelling car!

    Smokers definitely need one!

    Has a boat!

    Has an RV!

    Has a musty basement!

    Has a vacation home!

    Has kids!

    Has someone sick at home!

    Realtors for Listings with odors!

   Travels…great for hotel rooms!

Likes to breathe fresh, health clean air!

The CritterZone makes a fantastic gift!  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  You can give it as a gift for healthy air, without insulting them about the odor that they are probably used to! 

We travel a lot with our dogs so that means we stay at hotels that allow pets. Sometimes we will get a non smoking room that clearly had a smoker or smells just plain musty. It is a great little gadget to take along to purify the room.

I recommend getting the one with the removable cord instead of direct wall plug in.  That way if you ever want to use it in the car or boat you can get the plug that fits into your lighter.  You can also move it to a stubborn rug or furniture odor spot.

I offer my readers a $10 discount off the retail price of each unit.  Order online and enter “4TheDogs” in the promo code area and it will apply your discount.  It’s also available in the 4thedogs.com store but you need to go thru the direct link above to save the $10.

Let me know how much you love yours when you get it!


Stay tuned for my next blog about cool products I discovered at the Expo and our store at 4TheDogs.com!

More On Sleeping Dogs

After posting my blog Can You Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?  it became more apparent to me just how much of a calming effect sleeping dogs have on us.  I received so many comments from others who feel the same way.


I’ve come across some more pictures of sleeping dogs that are from precious to down right hilarious!  If you find  or take a cute pic of a sleeping dog post it on our Facebook page 4 The Dogs to share with all of us…  there will be a $10 gift certificate to 4thedogs.com  for the picture that gets the most likes by December 15th.  I hope you enjoy!

baby & pugs baby shepherd sleep under mom snout baby under lab sleep dogs in bed cartoon follow the dog home shepard sleep wake up bully dog & mom sleepy heads sleepy chiuaua reality sleep dog maltie under covers  HIDDEN UNDER COVERS 67629_397186377024239_516082601_n sleepy pups 12-5-10 dog nativity scene

 Merry Christmas!