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Favorite Find from Global Pet Expo!

It’s been a little over a month since I attended the Global Pet Expo in Orlando and I’m just now finishing up the long process of going through about 200 pounds of literature!

I promised to tell you all about the cool things I discovered at the show and today I’m sharing with you about my absolute favorite product from the show.  There are many that I love but first is first.  It is the CritterZone Air Naturalizer.


I took one home the first night and it did exactly what they said it would do!  Actually, it worked even better than expected.  What does it do you ask?  It cleans the air and eliminates odor.  Having a family of four Yorkies qualifies me to be a tough customer when it comes to cleaning the air.  I know Yorkies are small and don’t shed and really don’t stink very often, however, they do have accidents at times. 

There were all kinds of products at the show to remove odor.  This was the best!  At the show I met a pleasant woman who demonstrated it for me.   She took a cloth and squirted some very heavy ammonia on it and let me smell it…I got a little too close (or enthusiastic) and it just about knocked me over!  Then she took the small hand size machine and held it up to the cloth.  Within about 30 seconds she had me smell the cloth again and….NOTHING!  Not a trace of ammonia!  Needless to say I took one home that night.

Upon returning from a 10 hour day, 2 of the dogs were locked up comfortably in our bathroom.  After a whole day in there it smelled like….well just like “DOG”.  No accidents or anything, just that stuffy doggie smell.  I ran to my bags of goodies and picked out my CritterZone, plugged it in and told my hubby, “We’ll see if this really works!”  About an hour and a half later I went to check it out…No doggie odor!  The room gave off a very clean fresh smell.  The air felt so oxygen rich, fresh and clean!  I was surprised on how well this tiny little box worked.  They say it only takes 2 or 3 to totally clean the air in a 1800 sq foot house.

 Here’s is why I like CritterZone Air Naturalizer so much.

    It really works well!

    It works fast!

    It actually cleans the air instead of putting chemical sprays in the air.

    It doesn’t need a filter to change!

    It comes with a cord or direct plug in the wall…no batteries!

    It also has a car adapter available for stinky cars!

    It removes pollutants from air such as bacteria, mold, Salmonella, Listeria +!

    It offers virtual germ control for your air, surfaces and fabrics!

    Compared to electronic Hepa and Air filters, it is cheaper and much quieter!

    It takes up space the size of your coffee mug!

    It uses a process called Bi-Polar Ionization & Plasma Conversion to clean air.

    It actually PREVENTS germ & mold growth!

    Prevents airborne Illness!

    Cleaning is very easy and not very often!

    Breathing clean air can extend live expectancy!

    You don’t need a pet to use one! 

I could go on and on about the CritterZone but you really just need to try it yourself.  They have a 30 day money back guarantee. 

Who needs a CritterZone Air Naturalizer?  Anyone who:

    Has a litter box!

    Has pets!

    Has allergies!

    Wants a fresh smelling car!

    Smokers definitely need one!

    Has a boat!

    Has an RV!

    Has a musty basement!

    Has a vacation home!

    Has kids!

    Has someone sick at home!

    Realtors for Listings with odors!

   Travels…great for hotel rooms!

Likes to breathe fresh, health clean air!

The CritterZone makes a fantastic gift!  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  You can give it as a gift for healthy air, without insulting them about the odor that they are probably used to! 

We travel a lot with our dogs so that means we stay at hotels that allow pets. Sometimes we will get a non smoking room that clearly had a smoker or smells just plain musty. It is a great little gadget to take along to purify the room.

I recommend getting the one with the removable cord instead of direct wall plug in.  That way if you ever want to use it in the car or boat you can get the plug that fits into your lighter.  You can also move it to a stubborn rug or furniture odor spot.

I offer my readers a $10 discount off the retail price of each unit.  Order online and enter “4TheDogs” in the promo code area and it will apply your discount.  It’s also available in the 4thedogs.com store but you need to go thru the direct link above to save the $10.

Let me know how much you love yours when you get it!


Stay tuned for my next blog about cool products I discovered at the Expo and our store at 4TheDogs.com!


Welcome to our 1st Post!


I hope to make this fun, entertaining and uplifting for the readers.  A little bit of pictures, a bit of doggie stories, some great training, advice, remedies, product reviews and ?  Let me know what you want, I appreciate feedback.

My first blog is about the Southern Pet Expo last Saturday, March 24, 2012.  I could have gone on and one about what we saw and experienced but thought this little poem said it best.


March 24, 2012

 Copyright 2012 Carol Dougherty All rights reserved

There were dogs being rescued

And hot dogs barbequed

There were puggles puddling &

Mutts muttering.

There were tiny Chihuahuas, Maltese & Yorkies

Brussels, Shihtzus, & even a Porkie!

There were big dogs, Large Poodles, Shepherds

 Afghans, and  Giant Schnauzers.

 Newfoundlands, Great Pyreneesez, even a

Great Dane with a towel for his sneezes!

Vets, first aid, good advice and treats.

Bones, and toys and good food to eat!

Grooming and manis and pedis galore,

Even a bling blingity bling blingy store!

There were discount shots and micro-chipping

A few “accidents” thank goodness no one was slipping!

Dog strollers, on rollers and costumes and more

Everything you’d get for your pet at the store!

Dogs jumping, and bumping and of course humping,

Swimming, and racing and agility training.

 A turtle, some hurdles, artificial turf and some fencing

Collars, leashes, harnesses not to mention…did I say Strollers?

Pet radio side kicks, a few birds, a pet psychic,

Three kissing booths, no ticks but lots of free licks!

There were Beagles and Goldens and a Yorkie named Roxy, a Skipper and Brutus and even a Doxie!

There were costumes  and speakers and raffles  and classes

There were too many to count dogs wearing sun glasses!

There were tall ones and short ones and long ones and bald ones,

Old ones and young ones and spoiled ones by the batches,

Oodles of Doodles you mix’em and match’ems!

There were bundles of Pit Bulls, Staffordshires and Mastiffs, Shorty Rossi, and Hercules and Service Dogs with patches!

There were many that bear resemblance to their owners, A parrot, a cockatoo and Huge bunnies with carrots.

The day was fun, enlightening and grand, but when we were done, stopped at the beach and soothed our feet in the sand!

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