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Tick Tick Tick Removal with Tick SR

As promised I am sharing about some great discoveries I found at the Global Pet Expo last month.  Tick SR stands for “Tick Safe Release” and as soon as I got to their booth and saw the product I new it was a winner! Safe fior Humans & your dog!


 I shared the story below with the guy at the booth and said, “I wish I had this about 7 weeks ago when I had to remove a tick from our baby Yorkie!”  He explained the product with all the science behind it.  I don’t know why someone didn’t think of this before.  Tick SR comes in two forms.  A bottle of liquid (60ml or 250 ml)  that you can squirt out and convenient individually wrapped packets  or 5 or 10 with treated wipes.

60 oz Tick SR box

You can carry a wipe with you where you go.  Attach it to your poop bag holder, keep it in your pocket, or if you have one of those fancy leashes with compartments always keep one there.  The way it works is you just grab the tick with the treated wipe and hold in place till the tick releases.  Once it releases, (between 30 seconds to 4 minutes), you just drop the tick in the toilet and flush or drop it in a bottle with alcohol and keep for a week in case there is complications at the site.   You never have to or should touch the tick with your bare hands.

I find it humorous that the manufacturer’s rep as well as the website and literature emphasizes that it doesn’t harm the tick.  I really don’t care about the tick.  I’m ticked off that the tick chose my dog as a new host.  I’m not sure why they make such a big deal about not harming the tick except maybe because they explain that if you upset the tick it may regurgitate back into the dog ( horse or person) and spread disease.  They even have a large bottle for horses & Stables.


The way it works is that it dissolves the “glue” that bonds the tick to the host as well as impeding the blood flow to the area cutting off the ticks meal.  It also helps disinfect the wound to further prevent infection.  I found a video that shows how well it works.

I also found it interesting that when I read all of the scientific and testing info, that they used humans in their tests.  Apparently you can get disease free ticks from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Entomology of the Oklahoma State University

Just before Christmas we discovered a tick attached above the eyelid of our Yorkie Saylor.  At first I thought it was a skin tag.  Upon further inspection I was horrified to discover a tick!  Since she only spends time outside in our regularly maintained back yard, it was the only place she could have gotten it from.  We lived here since 1998 and this is the first tick for any of our dogs.

I did all the wrong things to try to remove it.  The only other tick I ever encountered was on our German Shepherd back when I was in high school.  My dad told me to light a match, blow it out and touch it to the tick’s butt.  I did and he (or she) immediately backed out of the dogs neck.  I grabbed it in a tissue and flushed it.  Voila!  Removal complete!

Naturally that is what I tried at first with Saylor.  My husband asked if we should just get a tweezers and pull it out.  “Oh no”, I said.  I’ve read that it squeezes the stomach guts into the dog and spreads diseases.  It also upsets the tick and he may leave his head or mouth parts in the dog causing infection.  So, with Saylor (Baby) tightly held by daddy, I burned the ticks butt.  Nothing!  I did it several times and all it did was make his butt brown.  He was still alive moving his tiny legs, but made no move to escape his burning hell.  At this I said we needed plan B.  I had heard somewhere you smother it with petroleum jelly and it pulls out and leaves cause it can’t breathe.  I went to the internet to check out the method and was shocked to discover you should never cover it with soap or jelly.  Also, shocked to see you should never use a match!  The article suggested using a tweezers to pull out the tick but said it you may not get all the mouth parts out.

I felt a little foolish that I didn’t go to the internet first.  I found the tweezers and tried over and over to pull the tick but it wouldn’t budge.  IN the mean time poor little Saylor was in a death grip by my husband because it was so close to her eye.  Of course she squirmed and actually yelped a few times when I pulled the tick.  Each time she did we stopped to regroup and steady my hands and nerves.  Finally after about 45 minutes a very flattened tick was freed.  I dumped him into an empty Zephyrhills bottle and added a bit of hydrogen peroxide.  The article said to save the tick in case an infection developed in the dog.  That way you could take the tick cadaver to the vet for analysis of any diseases it may carry.

I cleaned the tiny swollen hole above her eye and applied a tiny bit of Neosporin.  Luckily, the swelling and redness disappeared within a day.  Luckily, there was no complications or infection.

Now that Spring is here, so is Tick season.  Ticks can spread diseases including the infamous Lyme Disease.   Did you know that dogs can get Lyme Disease too?   I Now have my own Tick SR in case of another tick problem.  I got the individual packets and carry them with me wherever I take the dogs.  I’m hoping that now that I am prepared I will never have this problem again…but if a tick dares to glom on to one of my pups he won’t be there for long!

Will you be prepared?  You can Get Tick SR for under $10!


Summer’s On It’s Way! Keep your Dog Safe!

Now is the time to prepare for summer fun with your best friend.  Whether you will be boating, beaching, hanging out on the dock, or by the pool, keep Fido safe with this comfortable and attractive life vest.  These vests are lightweight, comfortable and also make a fashion statement of your choice.  Several styles and colors to choose from.

Yes dogs can swim, however, they can get panicked, tired out, and even disoriented in the water.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.  We have tried several types on our dogs and find these the best.  Not only are they the safest, but also more comfortable for the dog, especially if there is a need to pluck her from the water by the handle.  Other vests only have 2 belly straps which can make uneven weight distribution causing discomfort.  These two strap models also are easier for a wriggling dog to slip out of.

The design of the Paws Aboard vests have a full hook & loop underbelly giving more support and also a feeling of security to tyour pup.  The pricing is very reasonable and affordable.

Better quality at a better price for your priceless pet!


Starting at $24.99

Comes in 6 sizes.  XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL

Paws Aboard Pet Life Jacket and Designer Pet Life Jackets provide  ultimate buoyancy and high visibility to keep pets safe on the water.

Constructed to provide buoyancy, along with a cozy secure fit, the Paws Aboard  Pet Life Jackets features:

An advanced breathable mesh underbelly for proper  draining and drying, which provides your dog more comfort

and healthier conditions than traditional pet life jackets, which can cause heat exhaustion  and chafing.    

  • New reflective  strips for maximum visibility,
  • Bright colors  and unique designs
  • Handle on top  for quick and easy grabbing.
  • Adjustable nylon  straps,
  • Quick-release  buckles,
  • Heavy-duty yet  more comfortable Velcro® fastening system around the belly and neck to keep  securely fastened.

Check out this direct link for more info and to purchase your lifevest.  Be sure to look around at some of our other summer fun products for your pet. Pool steps and boat ramps and ladders for easy exit from the water, Chilled water bowl, water toys, summer apparel and more!

Itchy Scratchy Earth Day Solution

We recently have been staying in South Florida for business.  Upon arriving, the dogs became very itchy and uncomfortable.  We tried all kinds of things.  First, we did some topical anti-itch cream, but it didn’t seem to make a bit of difference to the dogs.  I guess placebo effect doesn’t have a chance with Yorkies.  We watched their diet, gave them extra omegas in their food, but they were still eating themselves raw.

I felt so bad for them but everything we tried was a failure.  Within about 10 days of this, their hair was gone and down to bare skin, I started looking into other things.  I did not want to take them to the vet for cortisone because I had a Lhasa once whose skin was never the same when we moved to the Florida Climate.  He was on cortisone and it worked like a charm, but he also blew up in size and the vet told us it could affect his heart.  Whenever we tried to wean him off, he lost weight but also scratched 24/7.  It was a vicious cycle.

 Since I only wanted to use drugs as a last resort, I sped up my investigation into all the new products and info I got at the Global Pet Expo.  We decided to try a sample of all natural dog shampoos and conditioners from the show.  The Organic Oscar Oatmeal Shampoo and Organic Oscar Aloe Vera Conditioner were amazing!

The pups were bathed only using a tiny bit or product because we needed to spread it to cover all 4 dogs.  As soon as they dried, the results were almost miraculous!  Not only did they smell great and feel softer and silkier then I ever remember, they were NOT itching!  Over the next few days, they rarely scratched, their hair remained very soft, and I knew we would definitely offer Organic Oscar in our store

Hair has all grown back, they are calm and comfortable, and were just groomed again yesterday with Organic Oscar. It is amazing how little of the product we need to use compared to the previous shampoos and conditioners.  The pump bottle also adds to ease while bathing the dog. The softness of their hair adds an extra benefit that I hadn’t counted on.  They feel so good to touch they are getting lots of extra attention from Dad and I.  We are addicted to touching their soft coat and they love it!

In honor of Earth Day, check out Organic Oscar in our American Service Paws Store…

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Bark for a Bark

Yesterday I awoke to startling loud crazy fierce barking.  As I opened my eyes, I saw the last of my four Yorkies leaping off the bed!  It sounded like Saylor (the baby) was the pack leader this time.  I heard her let out a bark and growl deeper and more threatening than I’d ever heard before.  Concerned about the neighbors, I yelled, “No Bark!”   They just ignored me.  They sounded really upset and the energy was out of control.

I followed them to the living room and looked out the window.  I didn’t notice anyone out there except the back of a guy walking far away around the lake with his 2 dogs.   This is a very dog friendly community.  Since we’ve been here my dogs are used to seeing all kinds of people with their dogs walking around the lake at least 30 times a day.  As they disappeared out of sight, I told the dogs to be quiet and that everything was ok.  However, according to my dogs, there was something terribly wrong…and they were desperately trying to tell me.

I checked out that the doors were locked and corralled the pups back into the bedroom and closed the door.  Saylor kept looking toward the window that faces the back.  The blinds were closed and she is too short to see out anyway but she was beside herself barking toward the yard.

My heart was still pounding from the “wake up” call,  so I climbed back in bed to try to get another hour of sleep.  Soon after all four of my bedmates were curled up in tight sleeping balls.  When I got up the second time, they were very eager to run out of the bedroom and inspect the premises.  They were on high alert again.  I couldn’t figure out what they were thinking.

I put out their food, water, and put leashes on Saylor and Maui.  Out the front door we went toward the street where they did their business.  They both were still highly agitated.  On the way back up the walk, they pulled to go past the front door, so I walked them towards the big open area toward the lake.  Then I saw it!  I saw the source of their agitation and concern.

They started barking in a very menacing tone, suddenly stopped, then cautiously and skittishly approached it.  It was at least four or five times bigger than they were.  It was apparent they were frightened by it but at the same time approached it ready to “kill” in order to protect my life.   At times like this you’ve gotta love tenacious Yorkies!

Saylor was out in front.  As she reached it, I swear I could see her tiny nose calculating a million formulas trying to ascertain what it was.  Maui her mom was right behind her barking at it to stay away from her baby.  It did not move.  Saylor circled to the other side, nose still vibrating at warp speed.  As they both got close enough to touch or bite it they stopped barking.  They smelled, investigated and even checked out underneath.  It passed the safety test.  Phew!  Now there was no more danger, however, as we turned to go back in, they both turned and gave it one last annoyed bark!

I took off the leashes and put them on grandma and grandpa. Skipper and Pirate were much more calm but also curious at the cause of the morning commotion.  As they carefully approached, they quickly became disarmed and Pirate lifted his leg on it in a defiant “Take that!” attitude.  I took a picture to share with my husband and the rest of you.  Here is the big troublemaker.

The pictures above show the huge piece of bark that fell from the 25 foot tall palm tree outside of my bedroom window,


I left off yesterday giving you a little background on Buoy the Service Dog and Nan.  Nan has been working with Buoy since last summer 2011.  He has brought great joy into her life.  He is by her side at all times and usually sleeps on her head, (yes I said head) and licks her forehead and eyes as she falls asleep. Her eyelids of course.  Licking eyeballs would be gross!  It’s like he immediately knew she couldn’t see and he is trying to clear them for her.

As I mentioned in our first blog we were at the Southern Pet Expo in West Palm last Saturday.   Mom called in the afternoon and was concerned that Buoy was injured and in pain.  We were about 4 hours from home and just entered the Expo.  I asked about a million questions:

“What’s wrong?”

“I felt his head, the top of his head feels hot…hotter than usual.”

“Maybe he was just playing in the yard with Ginger and overheated a bit…is he

otherwise ok?”

“No, I feel this large marble size lump on the side of his nose.”

“Mom, could it be something stuck in his beard?  See if it comes out, maybe it’s a

group of those stickem seeds that they pick up sometimes.”

“No, it’s not anything attached, it is under his skin.”

“Do you have him with you right now?”

“Yes, he is on my lap right now.”

“Feel around and tell me is it on top of his nose or on the side of it?”

“It’s on the side of it.  I think he is in pain, he whimpers whenever I touch


“I wish I was closer right now….do you think he might have gotten stung  with

something or bit by a snake?”

“I don’t know, it feels really big…like a big marble.”

“Darn, I wish I was closer.  Let me think of who can look at it.  He may need to

get to the Emergency Vet…Call Erin, she may be home.  Ask her to come take a

look.  If it is an emergency she could take you to the vet.  How is he   now? Is he

eating or drinking?”

“I don’t know if he ate but I could hear him drinking.  He seems ok as long as I

hold him.  He definitely doesn’t like me touching the lump.”

“OK Mom, poor baby, just comfort him and love on him till I can think

of someone to come check on it.  I’m saying a prayer now that it isn’t anything

serious or expensive.”

Buoy was on our mind as we explored the pet expo.  I felt helpless being away and worried that if something happened to Buoy it would crush my mom.  The sound of her voice has so much laughter and happiness since they became a pair.  We prayed through the day for the little dog to be ok..

After the expo and a quick stop by the beach, we met up with my other daughter and her friend in Del Ray Beach for dinner.  I also asked her to pray for Buoy at dinner.  After a great meal on the water, we walked down Atlantic and came across an outdoor Elvis show.

 We went by his show for a few songs when Erin called.  It was very loud and hard to hear her.  I asked about Buoy.  She had just come from Nan’s and told me she didn’t know what was wrong with him.  She said she checked him out and thought maybe he had a problem with his tooth.  She lifted his lip and saw his gum could have been a bit swollen by his tooth.  She said she couldn’t really see anything that looked like an emergency but it probably was his tooth.  She was almost home and didn’t feel confident it was an emergency.

At this point, I was worried out of my mind and assumed he must have a bad abscess.  Poor dog, suffering, I felt so helpless.  I called Mom told her what Erin said.

“Mom, Erin didn’t seem upset but was not sure what it was.  She said she looked

him over and couldn’t really see a lump but lifted his lip and saw  hat part of his

gum stuck out around his tooth.  Maybe that was it.  She said it didn’t look

definitely swollen, you know how things always feel bigger than they actually

look.  But she said she wasn’t a good judge of how it should look.”

“It must be an abscess…and it’s infected.  That’s why his head felt hot.  He has

a fever.  I wonder If I can give him an aspirin?  When will you be back home?”

“Not in time to get him to the vet if this is an emergency…It’s very loud here…Let

me get to the car and call you back.”

It was about 9:15 pm. I called Aloma Jancy Animal Hospital and asked about their emergency hours.  They said they were there till midnight but it was super busy.  I explained the injury the best I could and she told me they would be opened Sunday night from 8pm till 10pm.  She said not to give him aspirin because it could make him bleed and make things worse.  Just keep him comfortable till he could be seen.

By now, my imagination was out of control and I was trying to think of how to get Buoy help immediately.  I called mom back and told her not to give him meds.  Then brainstormed who could come over and take her to the vet at 9:30 on a Saturday night.  Maybe her friend Katie could drive.  I said, “If it’s bad mom, just show up and they will look at him if it is really serious”.   Mom didn’t want to bother her; she had her grandchildren with her that night. I thought about calling my neighbor…then mom thought of her other friend…who also is her groomer.

“Great idea Mom, call her now and call me back!”

“I’ve got good news.  Janine will stop by tomorrow morning at 10 and look it

him.  But she has a 10:30 appointment and is busy.  If he needs a vet, we’ll have

to find someone else to drive us.”

“Great!  I feel a little better.  Since she works with dogs and knows him, I  trust

her judgment.  I will pray tonight that whatever it is healed by tomorrow and

she finds nothing. Call me as soon as you know.”

I did pray throughout the night that Buoy would be ok.  The next morning Mom called.  She was crying.  I misunderstood and thought she was crying.  Crying about poor poor Buoy. She was laughing!

“What’s the matter Mom?  What is it?  Is Janine there?”

“She just left…you are never going to believe this.  It wasn’t his tooth, it’s his


“Oh no!  An abcess in his eye?  Is his eye still there?

            (I will post another story sometime on why I asked this.)

“ Yes, he is OK.  It’s his eye!”

“What’s wrong with his eye?  What happened?  Is he going to the vet?”

“Nothing is wrong with his eye.  She said it was his eye I was feeling…do me a

favor, close your eyes and feel on the side of Saylor’s nose…do her eyes feel like

big marbles sticking out?”

“WHAT?…You were feeling his eyeballs?  You said on the side of his nose.”

“His eyes are on the side of his nose.  He has a tiny nose.”

“Mom, were you feeling by the tip of his nose near his teeth or by the top of his

snout on top of his head?”

“His snout is so tiny I can feel the tip and his head at one time.  Do these dogs

have bulging eyeballs?  I’m not kidding these things feel like those giant marbles!

Tell me what you feel on your dog’s face with your eyes closed.”

“No they don’t have bulging eyeballs but if you press on their eyes compared to

the top of the head and snout, they do feel like they stick out but it doesn’t look

like that.  Mom, feel both sides, do they feel the same size?”

“Yes, two huge marbles sticking out from the side of his nose!  I can’t contain

myself…this is the funniest thing…I have a totally different picture of what these

dogs look like! Hahahahaha! The tears are coming out of my eyes this is so

funny!  I can’t believe I was feeling his eyeballs!”

“Mom, didn’t you think to feel both sides?”

“He felt hot, and I was worried, so I started to feel him all over until I found  the

bulge.  I had no idea you could feel their little eyeballs like that!”

“Oh Mom, no wonder he whimpered and didn’t like you touching there…you

were pushing on his eyeballs!”

At this, my mom started laughing hysterically and couldn’t catch her breath.  I was relieved, and a bit shocked at the same time, but couldn’t resist joining in on her contagious laugh.  In the background as she started laughing, I could also hear Buoy laughing!  He mimics her every sound.  I’ve heard him bark, growl, cry, talk, complain, howl, but this was a first,  now I heard him laughing…laughing at all of us!

Welcome to our 1st Post!


I hope to make this fun, entertaining and uplifting for the readers.  A little bit of pictures, a bit of doggie stories, some great training, advice, remedies, product reviews and ?  Let me know what you want, I appreciate feedback.

My first blog is about the Southern Pet Expo last Saturday, March 24, 2012.  I could have gone on and one about what we saw and experienced but thought this little poem said it best.


March 24, 2012

 Copyright 2012 Carol Dougherty All rights reserved

There were dogs being rescued

And hot dogs barbequed

There were puggles puddling &

Mutts muttering.

There were tiny Chihuahuas, Maltese & Yorkies

Brussels, Shihtzus, & even a Porkie!

There were big dogs, Large Poodles, Shepherds

 Afghans, and  Giant Schnauzers.

 Newfoundlands, Great Pyreneesez, even a

Great Dane with a towel for his sneezes!

Vets, first aid, good advice and treats.

Bones, and toys and good food to eat!

Grooming and manis and pedis galore,

Even a bling blingity bling blingy store!

There were discount shots and micro-chipping

A few “accidents” thank goodness no one was slipping!

Dog strollers, on rollers and costumes and more

Everything you’d get for your pet at the store!

Dogs jumping, and bumping and of course humping,

Swimming, and racing and agility training.

 A turtle, some hurdles, artificial turf and some fencing

Collars, leashes, harnesses not to mention…did I say Strollers?

Pet radio side kicks, a few birds, a pet psychic,

Three kissing booths, no ticks but lots of free licks!

There were Beagles and Goldens and a Yorkie named Roxy, a Skipper and Brutus and even a Doxie!

There were costumes  and speakers and raffles  and classes

There were too many to count dogs wearing sun glasses!

There were tall ones and short ones and long ones and bald ones,

Old ones and young ones and spoiled ones by the batches,

Oodles of Doodles you mix’em and match’ems!

There were bundles of Pit Bulls, Staffordshires and Mastiffs, Shorty Rossi, and Hercules and Service Dogs with patches!

There were many that bear resemblance to their owners, A parrot, a cockatoo and Huge bunnies with carrots.

The day was fun, enlightening and grand, but when we were done, stopped at the beach and soothed our feet in the sand!

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