WELCOME to my blog!

I have a passion for animals especially dogs.  I also have a passion for helping others and doing everything I can to serve others and make their life a little better, easier, meaningful or fun!

I will not only write about dogs but also add my two cents on other matters that are interest to me and that I think will be of value to others such as; disability, health, new products, and observations.  I have found over my fifty plus years that I seem to observe things out of everyday life that skip by others.  My family and friends appreciate my insight and way of looking at things and encourage me to share that insight with others.

If you have an interesting story, product review or pictures of your pets that you would like to submit as a GUEST BLOGGER, Please email us at: guest@4thedogs.com

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We love to hear from you. Email us at info@4thedogs.com with your ideas, questions and comments.


3 responses to “About

  1. Hello. Thank You for your blog! I have 6 dogs at my house-2 Chow mixes, 2 Boston Terriers, a Lab/Sharpe mix, and a Chiwouwah. It’s quite the animal house! My friend Jes just had puppies & we are trying to find them a good home. They are Poodle/Chiwouwah/Terrier mixes & sooo cute!!! We need to find homes for 2-4 more. Got any ideas?


  2. I really enjoyed this! We just lost our sweet golden retriever/collie mix after 16 years–I miss him. Thanks too for liking my blog. Appreciate that.


    • Hi Day,
      Wow, what a great dog mom you are! I’m so sorry about the loss of your beloved dog…they really are part of the family. It is well known that larger breeds usually live to be 10-13 on average, so your sweet 16 year old dog was obviously lovingly and well cared for. That makes you an amazing dog mom! I’m sure your next dogs will be very lucky to be part of your family.


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